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Since day one, Donald Trump has polarized America.

Annihilating his opposition with a single message.

A statement that brought our people together.

A goal we could aspire to.

“Make America Great Again.”

In one phrase, Trump captured the essence of America. Touched the hearts of the people. And swore to make this country greater than it ever was before.

We’ve hit a turning point in our history, and that’s why I’ve reached out today.

Today, I’ve got a gift for you.

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Donald Trump is a sensation.

Not only is he single-handedly cleaning up Washington, his tough stance on immigration will ensure there’s jobs for every American in years to come.

But that’s not what the opposition wants to hear.

Those damn liberals refuse to see how badly their former president failed.

I for one, stand proud in Trump’s America.

And for all those standing with me, I’ve got the perfect gift for you.

We have just released a limited edition, Donald Trump commemorative coin. Imprinted with the image of Trump himself, the fine silver plating ensures this is a one-of-a-kind gift.

Perfect for Trump supporters.

Or those wanting to poke a little fun at their liberal friends.

And in honor of the positive change Trump is making, I’m giving it away free.

That’s right.

Trump is empowering the people. And with this small gesture, I hope to do my part in making America great again.

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We’ve just re-opened orders on our limited-edition Donald Trump commemorative coin.

It wasn’t a product I was intending to re-release.

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We had too many customers miss out, and they kept begging to get their hands on one.

• The quality of workmanship.
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It really is one-of-a-kind gift.

So, I caved. (I can’t say no to my fellow patriots).

For today only, I’m offering a select group of supporters the chance to grab a Donald Trump commemorative coin themselves.

But there’s a catch. The coin isn’t available for sale.

Not anywhere in the world.

You won’t find it on Amazon or in any brick-and-mortar store.

You can’t buy it anywhere, for any amount of money.

Instead, I’m on a mission.

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