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How to clean the rust from a gun

There's nothing worse than pulling a gun out of storage and seeing one of your prized possessions covered in rust. Sometimes it feels like…

Tips for surviving a desert bug out

The desert is one of the harshest environments on earth. Hot and dry, you'll struggle finding water during the day and a way to…

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Living in a world without power

No matter what crisis happens, one thing is for certain. When the grid goes down, the power shuts off. Now for most people, that's…

Don't make these mistakes with a firearm

It's becoming a regular bit of news of late, accidental shootings and misfires that are ending lives and causing irreparable damage to families across…

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Preparing for a deadly viral outbreak

In my survival planning I cover all possibilities. Considering my plan of attack should my home be threatened by wildfires. Tornadoes. Even flooding. But…

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