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Ensure you stay alive once the SHTF

When the SHTF, life will change pretty drastically. And not for the better. We spend all this time preparing and planning, because we survivalists…

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Is that used gun safe to buy?

New guns are expensive items to buy, and they're only getting more so. One question I get asked all the time from my students…

Creating a secure bug out location

When the SHTF things are going to get real ugly, real fast. Hunger, a lack of preparation, and of course, all of the delinquents…

Seven ways to become harder to kill

In a crisis, things will get bad, really quick. I like to think I'm prepared and I've got all possibilities covered, but I know…

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Tommy in Orlando, US purchased a
Assault Bag
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LED Cap Light
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7 in 1 Survival Whistle
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Defense Ring
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Spare Lithium Batteries (18650 X 2)
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Emergency Sleeping Bag + 3 items
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Strikepen Black™ + 4 items
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Q5 Taclite + 1 items
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Survival Bracelet + 1 items
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Molle Pouch
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