Latest in Survival Skills

Ignite the survival bug in your family

The biggest challenge you will face as a survivalist isn’t external, it’s actually living right in your home. It’s your family. Your partner, and…

Stay under the radar during martial law

As Hong Kong descends into further chaos, we’re reminded of a harsh reality. The wants of the people and those running the country don’t…

Getting home fast when a crisis hits

Considering we spend less than a third of our time in our homes, with school, work, and everything going on in our lives, one…

The right way to handle a gun misfire

Getting comfortable with a firearm is an important survival skill, but where many people fail to practice is the misfire. Unfortunately, you never know…

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How to make it through a home invasion

Surviving a home invasion is a frightening experience, and there’s only so much you can do to prepare. Of course, investing in state-of-the-art security…

Living in a world without power

No matter what crisis happens, one thing is for certain. When the grid goes down, the power shuts off. Now for most people, that's…

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Easy hacks to improve homestead living

When you’re living off the grid, things are anything but easy. One crisis or emergency, and suddenly your world is thrown into chaos, as…

Homemade gunpowder for the SHTF

Growing up in the country I’m surprised we didn’t get into more trouble than we did with everything we got up to. And one…

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