Latest in Survival Skills

Losing a tail in your car

Car chases are a staple in movies today. Hollywood loves a good action scene, but in the real world you're probably not going to…

Escaping from your kidnappers

Being kidnapped is terrifying. It places you at the complete and utter mercy of those who have taken you. And these are mostly likely…

The right way to evacuate a building

When a disaster strikes, it can come hard and fast, which makes it critical you've got a plan in place beforehand if you want…

Latest in Self Defense

Sneaky ways to get an edge in a fight

Let's face it. Fighting is bad, and when you finally get home, battered and bruised, it's clear there is no real "winner." But when…

Improving the security around your home

Last weekend a close friend of mine had their house burgled. It's a horrible thought. A stranger, in your home, rummaging through your most…

Latest in Prepping

How to lighten your bug out bag

When you're packing a bug out bag it's tempting to throw in more than you actually need. There's a slight chance you might actually…

What may unravel your survival plans

When it comes to survival, there's only one rule to live by. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. There's a remarkable difference from…

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