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TRUMP Flag (624-TRFLG)



A must have for every proud Trump Supporter

• Measures 5ft x 3ft

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  • Man I love this bag good quality material and is my Favorite color black, lots of room in it for all of my stuff. Multiple compartments I’ve already got it pack up lol my next orders will be concealed ankle holster. Good job guys very 👍 👍👍👍👍 I even recommended my buddy at work about it.
    - Juan Marquez
    21-10-2020 17:57
  • Just as described and Very Well Made!
    - Todd
    21-10-2020 17:32
  • I really liked the mask, the breather really makes it easier to breathe when I am working(or doing anything),otherwise it would tire me out more if I didn't have it!
    - Steven L Paquette
    21-10-2020 16:39
  • Extremely well made and very compact. I ordered two, one for inside my Maxpedition Micro and the other as my EDC. The item also shipped very quickly. I'm very please and looking forward to ordering more items from Ape Survival
    - sisanto
    21-10-2020 14:13
  • Very nice.
    - Ray Howard
    21-10-2020 12:57
  • This little flashlight 🔦 is packed full of light this is better than the tack light that I ordered from bulb 💡 head I recommended this to any one ☝️ who likes small but mighty products and it is so compact that you can carry it any where
    - Billie Shapiro
    21-10-2020 12:48
  • Wife are making bug out survival kits to keep in vehicles. Emergency food,water, flashlights, poncho, fire lighters, first aid, weapon, cord,quick change clothes, knife, phone charger, small radio, maps, etc, etc. Still more room! Superior quality material with great zippers. Plenty of hooks for extra gear. Highly recommend for pros and amateur s making their own emergency kits.
    - Rick Chandler
    21-10-2020 12:31
  • My Scouts love these tools are gifts that they can use on campouts to start fires. Great tool for the price.
    21-10-2020 11:21
  • Excellent product fits well, stays in position.
    - Steven W. Key
    21-10-2020 11:08
  • The products were great, the knives were sharp,a gadget that had multipal uses on it.The package came with a backpack. ,very durable.It felt like Christmas Day with all the neat things included.
    - Linda Hecimovich
    21-10-2020 09:17

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