RL350 Evatac Laser Sight

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Product Description

RL350 Evatac Laser Sight (1985-ETLSRST)


This high tech laser targeting system will transform your shooting skills giving you deadly accuracy! It allows you to acquire targets lightening-fast (even from the hip) and can double your accuracy almost instantly! Get 20/20 sharpshooter precision, even if your eyesight isn't what it used to be or you wear glasses. Once you've mounted this tactical laser to your gun it's almost impossible to miss your shot!


  • Instantly improve your aim
  • ​​Works on any type of gun with a weaver rail or picatinny rail.
  • ​Highest legal laser beam sight
  • ​Made 100% from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium
  • ​​Incredibly accurate wide-range wind direction and height adjustments
  • ​​"Quick flick" on / off paddle switch super fast operation
  • ​Over 350 yard range
  • ​Machined to Pert
  • ​Extreme working temperature 10°f-115°f
  • ​​Stealth shadow black color

Materials: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Black
Length: 1.18" (30mm)
Weight: 1.01oz (28.6g)
Range: Over 1000ft (Over 320m)
Laser Class: IIIa
Max Output Power: < 5mW
Wavelength: 625-650nm
Suitable For: Any type of firearm including rifles, shot guns, handguns, BB guns and paintball guns - fitted with either a Weaver or Picatinny rail (20mm).
Includes: Tactical laser sight, 1 x rail wrench, 1 x battery wrench, 1 x windage/elevation adjustment wrench and 6 x batteries (includes a BONUS set FREE - because it's always a good idea to have a backup!).

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  • Fast delivery. Product as advertised. I am very satisfied.
    - Eddrick
    27-09-2020 21:50
  • Fast delivery. The product was as advertised. I am very satisfied.
    - Eddrick
    27-09-2020 21:46
  • Love supporting Trump and pissing off the democrats
    - John Mayes
    27-09-2020 19:33
  • I found the product to be very well manufactured easily operated and fully functional not to mention nicely compact
    - Hays Griswold
    27-09-2020 15:19
  • This is a great device to have in case you are ever attacked off guard. It doesn't look like a tactical pen, but when you need it, it does a great job . It comes with extra accessories & back-up ink. Great product.
    - Dennis P.
    27-09-2020 11:52
  • Me and my Friends Love It. It's made of Good Quality.
    - Anthony Prusaczyk (USArmyRet&DisabledWoundedWarrior)
    27-09-2020 11:25
  • I love the knives but delivery was horrible and the tracking was worthless.
    - evan denham
    27-09-2020 10:51
  • Exceptional beauty and quality. First made available to me thru an email add and no reason at all to consider any other similar product. Purchased for my own use, gifts and one sale. I expect to buy more soon.
    - Roy Pirhala
    27-09-2020 07:50
  • I am very pleased with both of my products and will buy from again.
    - Don Helmer
    26-09-2020 23:56
  • This is a must have. Imagine going hunting & having an accident. This little multi purpose light & accessory tools will really help ease some of the pressure of survival.
    - Dennis Popetsaitke
    26-09-2020 20:18

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