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This high tech laser targeting system will transform your shooting skills giving you deadly accuracy! It allows you to acquire targets lightening-fast (even from the hip) and can double your accuracy almost instantly! Get 20/20 sharpshooter precision, even if your eyesight isn't what it used to be or you wear glasses. Once you've mounted this tactical laser to your gun it's almost impossible to miss your shot!

Lightweight, compact and easy to attach to any firearm. Adapted for rapid firing or shooting moving targets, this versatile laser sight works both up close and from a distance (up to 330ft/100m), even from unconventional positions and in low light conditions.

Materials: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Black
Length: 1.18" (30mm)
Weight: 1.01oz (28.6g)
Range: 165ft - 330ft (50m - 100m)
Laser Class: IIIa
Max Output Power: < 5mW
Wavelength: 625-650nm
Suitable For: Any type of firearm including rifles, shot guns, handguns, BB guns and paintball guns - fitted with either a Weaver or Picatinny rail (20mm).
Includes: Tactical laser sight, 1 x rail wrench, 1 x battery wrench, 1 x windage/elevation adjustment wrench and 6 x batteries (includes a BONUS set FREE - because it's always a good idea to have a backup!).

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