Self-Defense Stinger

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Product Description

Self-Defense Stinger (821-SVLSTG)


This stainless steel Self-Defense Stinger is designed to give you the edge over an attacker. When used effectively it multiplies the impact force, giving you more damaging blows to defend yourself against an attacker.

Discreet, lightweight and easy to carry, providing confidence and a sense of security in unpredictable situations. Also doubles as a multifunctional EDC tool featuring a bottle opener, wrench and screwdriver.

Materials: Stainless Steel Self-Defense Stinger + Keychain Loop
Color: Silver
Size: 3.54" x 2.36" x 0.16" (9cm x 6cm x 0.4cm)
Weight: 1.3oz (36g)
Functions: Self-defense and also functions as a useful EDC tool.

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  • darn good
    - RAY
    01-10-2020 03:18
  • like the knife minus the point being rounded on both! little time on the stone and good to go, all in all love it
    - Daniel F Bear
    01-10-2020 02:18
  • The three-pack backpacks were very nice, and I received them quicker than promised. I would buy from them again. I did have a small problem but they were able to resolve the issue right away. Thank you!
    - Ernie
    30-09-2020 21:11
  • Great product! Quality is superb. Fits perfect and looks amazing on all 3 family members. We want more hats and t-shirts!
    - Nicole and Jacqueline Hodge
    30-09-2020 20:14
  • I ordered this mask based on the three layers and appearance. Masks arrived ahead of schedule and were all I hoped for. With an elderly father I wanted something that was comfortable and reliable. I would recommend!
    - Leah
    30-09-2020 18:53
  • Good product, good price. Masks and fighting knives were also well made.
    - Kirk D. Relford
    30-09-2020 15:27
  • Arrived fully charged. Takes up little storage space. Was simple to use when my daughter's car battery went flat from running the air conditioner. A perfect gift for anyone you care about.
    - Julie
    30-09-2020 14:32
  • good products
    - Richard Okuma
    30-09-2020 13:23
  • The masks fit well & are quite comfortable. The masks are the most affordable masks on the market!
    - Robert Bruce Wilson
    30-09-2020 10:15
  • I am happy to be able to show my support for law enforcement. The wrist bands look great. My only issue is that the bands are a little small in diameter, but I have big wrists so they will likely fit most people.
    - Don
    30-09-2020 10:00

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