Neck Knife

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Product Description

Neck Knife (1520-NKKNIF)


A neck knife should be integral to anyone's preparation for the day. Especially if one does not have pockets on pants or your waist is already chock-full-o-gear and there is no room for anything else.

This knife sits on a cord around your neck, for easy access at anytime. Making you feel more confident whenever you step outside the house.

Some key features of this knife:

  • Razor Sharp Blade
  • Partial Blade Serration
  • Discreet 4" In Length
  • Incl. Blade Cover
  • Stainless and Rust Proof

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  • darn good
    - RAY
    01-10-2020 03:18
  • like the knife minus the point being rounded on both! little time on the stone and good to go, all in all love it
    - Daniel F Bear
    01-10-2020 02:18
  • The three-pack backpacks were very nice, and I received them quicker than promised. I would buy from them again. I did have a small problem but they were able to resolve the issue right away. Thank you!
    - Ernie
    30-09-2020 21:11
  • Great product! Quality is superb. Fits perfect and looks amazing on all 3 family members. We want more hats and t-shirts!
    - Nicole and Jacqueline Hodge
    30-09-2020 20:14
  • I ordered this mask based on the three layers and appearance. Masks arrived ahead of schedule and were all I hoped for. With an elderly father I wanted something that was comfortable and reliable. I would recommend!
    - Leah
    30-09-2020 18:53
  • Good product, good price. Masks and fighting knives were also well made.
    - Kirk D. Relford
    30-09-2020 15:27
  • Arrived fully charged. Takes up little storage space. Was simple to use when my daughter's car battery went flat from running the air conditioner. A perfect gift for anyone you care about.
    - Julie
    30-09-2020 14:32
  • good products
    - Richard Okuma
    30-09-2020 13:23
  • The masks fit well & are quite comfortable. The masks are the most affordable masks on the market!
    - Robert Bruce Wilson
    30-09-2020 10:15
  • I am happy to be able to show my support for law enforcement. The wrist bands look great. My only issue is that the bands are a little small in diameter, but I have big wrists so they will likely fit most people.
    - Don
    30-09-2020 10:00

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