If you’ve ever had any notion the government is on your side, I hope recent events have at least somewhat opened your eyes. Not only do the powers at be seem to taking an extreme over-reaction to this at every turn, we’re being commanded to stay home, shop during certain hours, and even submit ourselves to wearing masks and avoiding our loved ones.

I for one, am more than slightly concerned at the vast invasion of privacy to come in a post-corona world. You’re already seeing it in nations like China, where their citizens every movement is tracked, monitored through “required” apps on their phones that assigns them each a color, red, green or yellow, depending on their need to be quarantined, or allowed into public spaces and public transport. Is that not frightening to you?

That a piece of software on your phone determines your ability to go out into the world? Survivalists everywhere are preparing for a “new normal” that’s going to come with the post-corona world, and I’ve got a few recommendations of my own for you.

Start providing for yourself

There are four essential things we humans need to survive. Shelter from the elements, water and food to sustain us, and security against those who threaten us. Once you can start providing all of these for yourself, you’re in a much stronger position.

Of course, most people will have shelter already. The homes they live in, but also think about what’s needed to make it through each different season. Do you have an ability to stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter? What about if the grid were to go down, do you have portable power? Part of your shelter plans needs to ensure you’ve got what you need to keep the lights on and the water running, no matter what happens to the grid.

How about your stockpile of supplies? Most of the people reading this will have a month or two of food and water tucked away, but what about the long-term? Now would be an ideal time to start working on your sustainability. Planting the garden as the growing season starts, installing rain catchment systems and raising the animals you can use as an alternative source of food, should a crisis continue longer than any of us planned.

Finally, you need to think about security. If you’re not able to defend your family, your home, and everything in it, you’re not really self-reliant. Just remember, this isn’t only a whole assortment of different weapons. This is the fortifications you’ve made to your property, as well as the different alarms and security systems to protect all that is yours.

Start planning for trades

The barter economy is central to humanity, as it’s not possible to ever be truly “self-sustainable,” there are things you will need to buy. But with stores closed, shopfronts shuttered, and police and communities targeting the businesses that do open, you need to think about an alternative, almost a black market to secure what your family needs.

Make friends with the people who have the ability to provide the things you need, building relationships and direct lines of contact to those who can help you out. A store may be closed under governmental order, but a phone call to a friend may just get you an extra bag of feed for your animals, or those critical supplies you need in the meantime.

And it should go without saying that you should also stockpile tradeable goods and services. Perhaps there’s a skill you could learn that would make you indispensable in a crisis, a certain product that’s proven impossible to source, or a way you can plan ahead, that’ll ensure you’ve always got something valuable to set up a deal.

Start a bigger movement

Finally, and this is important. You will need to be part of a bigger movement. There’s a whole lot of glory in Hollywood towards the “lone survivalist,” the one person who rises above and goes it alone against the evil governments, or bad guys, or whoever it is they’re fighting in that particular movie. Trouble is, this isn’t real life.

You need to start a bigger movement in your local community, with your neighbors down at a grassroots level to protect and defend the homes and families within it. Major crimes in New York spiked 12% as the lockdowns started, and with the shutdowns law enforcement is not responding to most calls. I’ll say that again. If you’re relying on the police, the military, or some other group of authorities to protect you in a real crisis, you’re going to be in for a painful surprise. When the SHTF, the help won’t be coming.

You need to get organized, and pull together a bigger group that will keep your community safe. It sounds silly, but neighborhood watch groups (both official and unofficial) are the ones who will stand up and fight back. Against the derelicts of society, the nasties who come out in the night to steal, rob and thieve everything you’ve built in this life. At the end of the day, these types of people are rodents, cowards who will ultimately back down in search of easier prey if you’re simply organized and willing to fight back.

There’s no question the world is rapidly changing, and post-corona things will look very different. But if you’re wanting to give your family hope, if you want to ensure you’re ready to survive whatever comes, you need to remember these three changes. To be self-sufficient, to create your own channels for commerce and trade, and to be part of a bigger movement that won’t back down against the creeps in the night. You may think it silly, I know, but I see the writing on the wall, and the families who are ready and willing to adapt to these changes, they’re the ones who will survive.

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