There’s no doubt the entire country is on edge, with protests and riots becoming more and more common as the population rises up. I don’t know about you but I truly believe it’s only a matter of time until we reach a critical breaking point and things start going sideways, fast.

Tensions have never been higher, and while I’d hate to see a modern-day revolution, it’s a scenario that’s worthwhile to play out in your planning, because it’s becoming more and more likely. Survivalists like you and me need to be prepared for whatever comes, because we truly are on the verge of some very massive changes. Being prepared for this is critical, because those who aren’t are going to be the ones who suffer the most.

Get yourself off the grid

If there was ever a time to cut all ties to the major utility providers, now’s the time. Their staff aren’t going to stick around when their systems ultimately grind to a halt in a real crisis, and if you’re relying on these utility companies to keep the water flowing, or the lights on in your home you’re going to be in for a nasty shock when they don’t.

Consider what you can do to prepare your home for being truly off the grid, and invest in systems to replace the three fundamentals you need to survive. Power, gas and water. Solar panels can be installed and setup in a weekend, and small additions like a wood-fire stove can be a viable option to keep your house warm, so long as you’ve got enough firewood stocked away. With a little foresight to get these in place now, you will continue to live comfortably, even when the grid goes down.

Get yourself self-reliant

In a similar line of thinking comes self-reliability. More than just the utilities, I’m talking about everything your family needs to stay fed and happy in the aftermath of a revolution. I shouldn’t have to tell you this but many people fail to realize that their government’s first priority isn’t usually the well-being of your family. They’re generally more concerned with holding their grip to power, and little else.

Of course, they’ll tell you afterwards that their “thoughts and prayers” are with all of their fellow patriots who are suffering through the crisis, but don’t for a minute think they’ll put the best interests of your family ahead of their own. You need to be self-reliant for every consumable supply your family needs, whether that’s your own stockpile of food or the ability to grow everything you need to keep your family fed and healthy.

Get your day bag prepared

I’d never thought we’d see so much violence in the streets, and while it’s unfortunate I will recommend a few additions to your everyday carry kit to help you manage through these challenging times. You should already be carrying everything you need to get home in a pinch, but a few key pieces of gear can make all the difference to getting home safely.

Add a pair of impact resistant glasses to keep any fluids or debris out of your eyes, a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and wash out any lingering effects of any tear gas, a mask to keep your face covered, and some light clothing to cover as much of your exposed skin as possible. I know, they seem simple, but the extra protection they offer will help you get home a little safer if you’re navigating through a riot or any other violence in the streets.

Get your supply caches sorted

Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea, and the chances your home is raided by nefarious survivors or even agents of the government will be rather high in a real revolution. The last thing you want is to lose your entire stockpile of food and gear in one raid, so take the time to setup and hide your supply caches now.

You’ll want these caches to be situated at a number of strategic locations to your survival plans. For us, we’ve got multiple caches buried in close proximity to our bug out location, as well as smaller kits that we can collect as we make our bug out. Even if I have to walk out of my home (or office) with just the clothes on my back, I’ve got storage lockers and options stashed so I can quickly get the gear I need to get out of dodge as fast as possible.

Get your escape plan ready to go

Finally, it’s critical your escape plan truly is ready to go. Take the time to stress test each element of your plans, and do a few dry-runs to identify what you may have missed. Often, what looks good on paper isn’t always practical in real life, and it’s best to discover these fail-points now, before it becomes a true life or death situation in a crisis.

I’d also recommend considering your contingency planning, and ensure you have viable backups for everything that will inevitably go wrong. Even the best laid plans can’t account for the screw ups that will go wrong when the SHTF, and those that survive are the ones who are best positioned to adapt and overcome whatever obstacle is in their way. Having a plan “B” is always a good idea, and I’d say even a plan “C, D, and E” is smart too.

The key to living through a modern-day revolution is keeping your head down, and ensuring you’ve got everything you need to hunker down and survive. When the country hits boiling point the government is going to have far bigger things to worry about than your family, and these simple preparations will help you to step up and keep them safe and secure.

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