There’s no doubt the coronavirus has hit our world like a sledgehammer, several millions infected in countries across the planet, with a death toll (at time of writing), around a half million people. And yet, things are starting to return to normal. Stores are opening, business are bringing people back, and while many are decked out in full PPE gear, there’s far many more who aren’t even wearing a simple face mask.

To me, that’s the writing on the wall if I’ve ever seen it. We’re smack in the middle of a global pandemic, people dropping dead left, right, and center, and yet the government is doing whatever they can to prevent an economic crisis. Forget about the people. Yes, we’ve all been on lockdown and that’s flattened the curve. But as soon as things re-open that’s when it’s really going to escalate, because there’s just so many people already infected.

Even if they’re not showing symptoms yet, a virus like this one doesn’t simply disappear. There’s no herd immunity yet, and the scientists are still scratching their heads trying to put together some kind of vaccine or cure. So I’m thinking things are going to get worse before they get better, and you need to be prepared for the second wave (that will come).

Because if what I’m predicting comes to pass, you can expect things are going to get far worse before it gets any better. And desperate people are a scary thing.

Restock food and water supplies

This one’s self-explanatory, but it bears mention. When the next wave of the disaster hits I expect another disturbance to global supply chains. That means empty supermarket shelves and a distinct inability to buy what you need (even if you try to pay the inflated prices, stock simply won’t be available). Now is the time to sort your stockpile of food, water and every other consumable your family needs to survive. Restocking now, before we’re hit again.

Secure and fortify your home

If the riots haven’t yet spurred you into action, I doubt these words will help – but it’s my duty to reiterate the facts anyway. You need to take steps to fortify your home, and protect it from any looters or rioters intending to harm you and yours. Cut plywood to fit your doors and windows, get security screens and kick-proof doors, and ensure your cameras, alarms and any security systems are all in place and functioning like they should.

Create a sanitation protocol

Getting infected is going to be your biggest concern, so it’s important you’re following adequate safety and sanitation protocols. More than just using a little hand sanitizer when you go outside, consider all the PPE protection you need to protect yourself from this viral pandemic. Face masks, eye protection, and even remembering to wash and clean your clothes and the rest of your body any time you’ve been in a crowd of people.

Build a quarantine zone

Of course, if you’re in dire need of medical care the best source of help is currently the hospitals, but who’s to say if this will remain the case in the months to come. To avoid spreading the coronavirus pathogens to other members of your family, I’d seriously think about building a quarantine zone (or at least having the supplies on hand to construct this should it be necessary), to isolate anyone who is showing symptoms of the disease.

Get any medications you need

Venturing out during lockdown is impossibly hard, so it’s important you’ve got an adequate supply of any particular medications you and your family need. Think about treatments for cold and flu, as well as any vitamins and supplements you can take to strengthen your immune system against any exposure to the virus. It’s not a matter of if, I truly believe it’s only a matter of when, so it’s important you’ve got the medication you need.

Don’t paint a target on your back

We talk about this a lot with OPSEC, but I want to make it clear. You need to stay under the radar with the current unrest in the country. I’ve seen stores targeted for perceived slights against our friends in the black community, and it’s imperative you avoid doing anything to draw the spotlight on you and yours. What happened to George Floyd is indeed a tragedy, and it’s critical you avoid anything that paints a target on your back.

Sort your money and finances

If you’ve still got your job now is the time to be cashing in. Work as many shifts as you can, get your debts paid off, and start building up a pile of cash to help you see through the crisis to come. The Fed is printing money like it’s nobody’s business, and eventually the whole house of cards is going to come crashing down and we’ll hit a recession the likes we’ve not seen for generations. Make sure you’ve got the funds you need to survive.

Create a viable escape plan

Getting stuck in a particular area when the SHTF can be a death sentence, and it’s critical you’ve got a viable plan to get out of dodge before the next hammer comes down. Whether that’s a riot, new quarantine measures, curfews and lockdowns, being equipped and ready to bug out at a moment’s notice is a smart idea, because ultimately what matters most is the safety of you and your family. Everything else can be replaced.

I for one, am getting sick and tired of staying home, but I do see it as a necessary evil. We’re facing a pandemic the likes of which hasn’t been felt for over a hundred years, and while many are celebrating that things are returning to “normal” I really believe we’re all going to get a rude awakening once we give the coronavirus another chance to spread. You need to be ready for the second wave, and the time to start preparing is now.

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