Meet The New Ultra Compact Entrenching Multi-tool from EVATAC™.

It's Called the KONNEX™ ET15 And It's Much More Than Just A Shovel!


Dear Friend,

If you're the type of person that seeks quality and innovation, I know you're going to want this. Proudly designed in America, the KONNEX™ ET15 Shovel will be your number 1 go to tool. So when do you need a tactical shovel like this?  Well how about:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • 4 Wheel Driving
  • Dirt Bike/Quad Bike Riding
  • Around A Farm
  • Bugging Out
  • For Jobs Around The Home
  • And Just About Any Outdoor Adventure!

What Can The KONNEX™ ET15 Do?

We wanted to create the ultimate survival tool that could be used in as many situations as possible.  From self-defense to digging trenches the KONNEX™ has proven itself time and time again as one of the most usable survival tools available.  Check out the full list of features below:

  • A perfectly weighted 440 stainless steel shovel head that makes digging in soft or hard ground a breeze.
  • Flip the head 90 degrees and you have a gardening hoe to clear or level land and dig trenches.
  • It's a sharp, durable axe for chopping firewood or clearing fallen trees.
  • It has a built-in, extra thick ferro rod that sparks at 3000 degrees, allowing you to start a fire under any conditions, instantly!
  • It has a 120db emergency screamer whistle that allows you to call for help using little to zero valuable energy.
  • It's got a razor sharp stainless steel blade that can be used to shave wood for tinder and strike the ferro rod for a blazing fire in just minutes.
  • A double edge saw blade for cutting timber, plastics, and other materials.
  • A flat head & phillips head screwdriver for all your household maintenance or emergency repairs when your out travelling.
  • A built in ruler for measuring.
  • 2 Hex sockets to tighten/loosen stubborn nuts & bolts.
  • A compass to keep you on track and heading in the right direction
  • Now included for free is a durable 1000D padded carry case!
  • And a bottle opener so when the work is done, you can relax and crack open a cold one.
  • All this is packed into one clever tactical tool that can be easily accessed from a hiking or bug out bag bag, under a car seat or caravan.

You're covered by a 100% money back guarantee!

We know your going to love the KONNEX™ ET15 which is why we now offer a 100% money back guarantee.  Customers are raving about the KONNEX™ and are constantly telling us how much they love the quality and features of the product.  It's been tried and tested with amazing feedback, which is why we don't break a sweat when offering our long 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.


Take advantage of our rock bottom price and get the KONNEX™ ET15 today for just $149.95 $97 with FREE shipping within USA! Click the add to cart button below and you will go to our secure order form.  You will then receive a FedEx™ tracking number within 24 business hours after ordering.



Q & A

  • q-iconWhat is it made from?

    The shovel of the KONNEX™ is made from 440 Stainless steel to give proper weight balance, strength and durability.  The shaft is made from aircraft grade aluminium for weight reduction while maintaining strength.

  • q-iconHow much does it weigh?

    Including the padded case, the KONNEX™ weighs just 2.4 pounds.  The light weight is due to the material used which makes it light enough to carry on any outdoor adventure, yet strong enough to last a lifetime of abuse!

  • q-iconWhere is it shipped from?

    We ship this product (and all of our products) from Denver, Colorado.

  • q-iconHow long does shipping take?

    We ship this item with FedEx™ and shipping time generally takes 2-4 business days.


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