We all know survival isn’t easy, but you shouldn’t be giving the bad guys a free pass either. To me, being a survivalist is more than just what you’ve got stockpiled, or all the cool gear you’ve ordered online. The real survivalists are the ones who will live through anything, they’re adaptable and have trained themselves to become beasts, impossible to kill.

Of course, avoiding trouble in the first place is a good first step, but this will only get you so far. When the bad guys have turned their sights on you, no amount of “grey man” tactics or avoiding dark carparks will keep you safe. You need to be more if you want to be impossible to kill, and that’s what this article today is all about.

Build your fitness

When it comes to fitness there’s more to it than just looking like a bodybuilder. You need to be fit, like the kind of marine-fit where you can run all day with a 40-pound kit on your back without thinking twice. Now of course, this isn’t something that comes easy, and you will need to work at it, but it’s important you have a base level of fitness.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve done any physical exercise, start gradually with a program that will get you moving. Couch to 5K is one I’ve used, and trust me, it gets much easier to keep up the routine once you’ve started. You just need to get out and do that first lap around the block. And from there you can start into all other manners of fitness programs, from HIIT workouts to more specialist martial arts as well. Fitness is the first step, because everything else you need to survive builds from your core fitness level.

Build your muscle

Now I was always a skinny kid, and as a result I was always picked on and targeted as an easy mark. Tall but basically just a bag of bones, it wasn’t until I hit my 30’s did I start focusing on building muscle. I joined a gym, I changed my eating habits, and I started bodybuilding programs designed to pack on muscle.

As a result, I quickly added more than 50 pounds to the scales, I’ll admit, it’s not all muscle, but I’m no longer that skinny kid that’s immediately targeted as a victim. Looking back, I’ve definitely noticed a shift in the last few years, people give me more respect due to my size, moving out of my way or giving me more space than they ever did before. I’m not in the gym anymore as much as I’d like, but my active lifestyle on the homestead has meant I’ve kept lots of this “meat” on as it were. It’s like a base of muscle I’ve got as my own weapon.

Build your ability

But fitness and size alone aren’t enough. You do need to know how to fight, if you want to have any hope of surviving one. I’ve practiced kickboxing for as long as I can remember, and this has had a number of benefits. First, it’s incredibly helpful with my fitness and flexibility, which is a good thing as I struggle to regularly get out for a run.

Knowing how to fight is also a confidence booster. I know how to throw a punch. I know how to take one. And from personal experience not only sparring but in real life scraps, I pretty sure I can hold my own in most fights.

This is a remarkable change to who I was as a shy and nervous kid, one who was bullied and picked on as a youth. I’m no longer that guy. And with a few weapons, like a strikelight or even a strikepen, I’m going to have the upper hand on almost anyone who wants to take a swing at me as well. I won’t be going down easy, that’s for sure.

Build your body

Much like a car performs better when it’s well-maintained, your body works the same. It needs the right fuel, rest, and care to ensure you’re healthy and able. I know fast food is an easy alternative, but there’s a reason it’s referred to as junk. Because it’s junk for your body.

I cut sugary sodas and most processed food from my diet a long time ago. It wasn’t so much a decision as a natural result of our shift to the homestead, as we started growing and providing more for ourselves. Grocery runs would focus on essentials over snacks, and when they weren’t in the kitchen we stopped eating all of the fast-food. Not only do I have more energy now (there’s no highs and lows like before), I’m just feeling better.

Build your aim

Of course, no one can hope to survive an attack if you’re defenseless. And a firearm is the greatest equalizer you can hope for. But more than just owning a handful of weapons and a pile of ammo that’s kept locked away in a gun safe in your dresser, you need to be confident actually using them. When was the last time you shot your gun?

Take the time to build your aim, get to a range or get lessons and learn how to shoot in all variety of different situations. I’ve done exercises that taught me how to clear my home, how to take down attackers fast, and while I’m lucky I’ve never needed to use these skills in real life, I know my aim will be true in the event I ever need to shoot to protect myself.

Becoming impossible to kill seems a lofty goal, but in reality, it’s one you can take action on every day to improve. Small steps are the key to improving, whether it’s a session at the range with your guns, a quick morning run before your family wakes up, or ensuring you’re getting a balanced diet and the nutrients your body really needs, you’ll soon find yourself becoming healthier, and harder to kill.

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