Latest in Survival Skills

Finding food along the shore line

Growing up in a small coastal town, I’ve learnt there are many ways to find food along the coast, if you know where to…

Dirty fighting techniques to stay alive

Want to know why people call them “dirty” fighting moves? Because they’re so effective they’re almost unfair. In boxing competitions to the UFC, athletes…

Don’t get ambushed on the road

When you’re getting out of dodge or escaping a crisis, you need to be aware of one of the biggest risks when you’re in…

Latest in Self Defense

What to look for in your rifle scope

If you’re wanting to boost your accuracy with your rifle, I have one simple suggestion. You need to get a scope. You’ll land more…

How to fight back from your homestead

You already know you’re leagues ahead of your neighbors when it comes to being prepared, but one area too many survivalists fail to account…

Identifying the villains in a crowd

One of the best skills you can hone for survival is situational awareness. Being able to stay alert, focused and vigilant no matter what…

Latest in Prepping

Practical tips for a faster evacuation

With the bushfires that were raging across Australia it’s got me thinking about the importance of evacuation. Many of the lives lost have been…

Easy hacks to improve homestead living

When you’re living off the grid, things are anything but easy. One crisis or emergency, and suddenly your world is thrown into chaos, as…

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