Grenade lace lock (10 Pack)

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Product Description

These neat little novelty cord locks can be used for clothing and backpacks to tighten the rope, keep shoelaces secure and also can be used as decoration.

This item includes 10 Pieces

  • Consists of a barrel, a toggle and a spring
  • Can be easily to lace up and quickly to take off the shoes
  • Mini and lovely grenade shape shoelace buckle
  • 6mm holes for cord
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    • Eddie O
      Love my Rescue Card, use it all the time at work. Thanks!
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      Best survival gear. Highly recommended! A+
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      Got my EVATAC bag in 3 days! Great service, thanks!
      - Adam C. CA
    • Stephen W
      Ape Survival is BY FAR the best quality stuff I have seen! It's like night and day!
      - Stephen W. AZ

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