Latest in Survival Skills

Tips for surviving martial law

I don't have to tell you we live in uncertain times. Politics. Terrorism. Severe acts of violence. There are threats everywhere, and it's only…

How to start a fire no matter what

After watching a friend syphon off a little petrol to get a fire started, I knew it wouldn't end well. The whoosh as the…

Latest in Self Defense

Sneaky ways to get an edge in a fight

Let's face it. Fighting is bad, and when you finally get home, battered and bruised, it's clear there is no real "winner." But when…

Improving the security around your home

Last weekend a close friend of mine had their house burgled. It's a horrible thought. A stranger, in your home, rummaging through your most…

Learn how to be a defensive shooter

Congratulations. Buying your first gun is a major milestone in your journey towards being prepared, as it arms you with one of the deadliest…

Latest in Prepping

What may unravel your survival plans

When it comes to survival, there's only one rule to live by. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. There's a remarkable difference from…

Should you invest in body armor?

When a crisis hits, things are going to head south quick. In a matter of days your friendly neighbors are now competing with you…

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