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How to start a fire no matter what

After watching a friend syphon off a little petrol to get a fire started, I knew it wouldn't end well. The whoosh as the…

Critical items for your bug-out-bag

I've lost time of the amount of times I've packed and re-packed my bug-out-bag. It's difficult because with every change of season you need…

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Learn how to be a defensive shooter

Congratulations. Buying your first gun is a major milestone in your journey towards being prepared, as it arms you with one of the deadliest…

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How to make your own MREs

Ready to eat meals, which are more commonly known as MRE's, are a staple when it comes to food planning. The military uses them…

How to get started as a survivalist

The fundamental reason I believe everyone needs to start preparing to survive is that disasters happen. An earthquake could strike, a wildfire, or even…

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Tactical Gloves + 2 items
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KONNEX™ ET15 Survival Shovel by EVATAC™ + 6 items
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EVATAC Combat Bag
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Grenade lace lock (10 Pack)
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